Lentil Meal Kits

Karma's vision for our community

Create a sustainable and accessible healthy food future that’s good for our bodies and planet.

Gift Box with Karma Pops - Karma

Snack Time Stories

Send a box of love and memories with our flavorful snack collection, a delightful way to cherish moments shared with family and friends.

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Lentil Crepes with Mint chutney

Sharing these warm and delicious lentil crepes with our family. Here's to the laughter, stories, and love we share around this table.

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Chocolate Pops with Icecream

The combination of rich chocolate and cool ice cream is a delightful surprise that lights up our taste buds and adds an extra layer of enjoyment to our movie days.

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Fresh salad with Karma Pops

The refreshing pops paired with a crisp salad create a symphony of flavors. Enjoy them as picnic salad in the company of cherished friends

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Mixed Lentil Dal Recipe

Create a flavorful meal with rice, pickles, and our mixed lentil dal. Share it with our family and friends

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